27. 05. 2014
Pepperdine1 copy

Pepperdine’s Great Gatsby Grad Night

For 4 long years, the graduate students at Pepperdine’s Graziadio School Of Business and Management rigorously studied…. that is, until one very special night in May, when Graziadio’s Class of 2014 closed their...

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19. 05. 2014
All Boards_grab

Maya Brigadeiro Brazilian Sweets

Before I met up with Maya Zellman I had never heard the word “brigadeiro”. Now, I’m obsessed. A brigadeiro is a popular Brazilian chocolate bonbon, made by mixing sweetened condensed milk and cocoa...

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01. 05. 2014

Jenna & Joe’s Wedding

Joe met Jenna at a bar. When he saw her, his first thoughts were… “Nice stems.” Little did he know that seven years later those same stems would be walking towards him down the...

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25. 04. 2014
Caes Whitney Wedding_-174-XL

Caes & Whitney Tie The Knot

Caes & Whitney got married this year in an intimate ceremony in the Malibu Hills. The young couple took their vows in front of approximately eighty close friends and family members. Surrounded by...

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10. 04. 2014
Whitney Port

The Raven Group LA’s Coachella-Ready Sip N’Shop

Comes spring in Southern California, one word permeates the air: Coachella. Like clockwork, music fans, celebrities, anyone lucky enough to score coveted tickets to the Coachella Music Festival, scramble for housing, VIP passes...

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24. 03. 2014
The Rosti Convo Coop

The Rosti Convo Coop – Santa Monica

Rosti Tuscan Kitchen is a popular restaurant with locations in Santa Monica, Calabasas and Encino, CA. Naturally, most of Rosti’s patrons carry smartphones and among those, young and old, many can’t resist the...

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18. 03. 2014

KETTLE BRAND At The Natural Products Expo West

Once a year, sustainable brands from all over the world showcase their green-loving products at the National Products Expo West. This year, I had the pleasure of working with KETTLE BRAND. Their unique 2-story booth...

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09. 02. 2014
Breaking Bad_ss

And The Golden Globe Goes To…

Once in a very blue moon all the stars align and a golden opportunity falls in your lap. That recently happened to me and my Chalk Shot partner Royal, however, the stars that...

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22. 01. 2014
Boys Chalk Aireen

Hunter & Lucas’ Playroom

Hunter is five years old and his brother Lucas is two. Sometimes Hunter is the trashman and Lucas is a trash bag. Other times Hunter is the repairman and Lucas is the guy...

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31. 12. 2013
VeeV Holiday Party

‘Tis The Season

December is one of my favorite months of the year for the obvious reason that the essence of holiday cheer is in the air, complete with gift giving and, of course, parties. With...

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25. 10. 2013
All Envelopes

Snail Mail

Once upon a time, people hand wrote letters to one another. The letters, regardless of what was actually written in them, felt personal and intimate for the very reason that someone made the...

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05. 10. 2013
Foy Tree

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a timeless poem. The relationship between the boy and his tree mirror how we give and take in love throughout different stages in our lives, and...

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