Aeirloom Bakery

On July 11, 2014 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

I love Aeirloom Bakery. I frequent there all the time. If you haven’t been to Aeirloom, you should go. It’s in Toluca Lake on the corner of Cahuenga and Riverside, and boasts some of the most beautiful and great tasting organic meals and pastries. When the owners Geo and Bentin contacted me to design the restaurant’s coffee and pastry menu boards, I was right there.

Here are some pics of Aeirloom Bakery, along with the boards I designed for them:
IMG_1115 copy
photo 2 (5)
IMG_1219 copy
Coffee Donut
10411781_737450056307392_1857788215164727233_n copy
photo 1 (5)

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