Andres’ Twelfth Birthday

On June 6, 2014 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

A twelfth birthday in a young man’s life is a big deal.

So I was excited and flattered when THE birthday boy, Andres Garcia himself summoned me to bring the CHALK SHOT experience to him and all his friends.

Check out Andres and his friends doing their CHALK SHOT thang:
Andres Bday-142-XL copy
Andres Bday-024-XL copy
Andres Bday-126-XL copy
Andres Bday-138-XL copy
Andres Bday-121-XL copy
Andres Bday-179-XL copy
Andres Bday-031-XL copy
Andres Bday-104-XL copy
Andres Bday-188-XL copy
Andres Bday-095-XL copy

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