Plymouth Gin Martini Master Classes

On March 21, 2019 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

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James Bond had it wrong – a classic martini is never shaken, always stirred! Who knew? Well, our good friends at Plymouth Gin knew and that’s why they’re putting on Plymouth Gin Martini Master Classes throughout the country. The event is part gin/martini education and part social/fun hands-on experiences where guests get to explore the martini for themselves. The Kasey Jones, Ink. team actually attended the event in Los Angeles and, in addition to hearing about the history of gin and trying some awesome Plymouth martinis, we also learned a few new things along the way. For example, did you know that cinnamon has absolutely no taste, it’s just a scent (go ahead…dare you…plug your nose and lick some cinnamon, you’ll taste nothing)!

For the classes, Plymouth asked us to create an Instagrammable backdrop their guests can pose in front of with their martinis and share their experiences on social media. Even though there is a photographer at each event, the backdrop encourages guests to take their own photos and post them using Plymouth’s social handles. Plymouth’s custom backdrop included a larger-than-life Plymouth Gin bottle, alongside mixology tools and fresh ingredients used to make the brand’s classic martinis and cocktails. To add extra guest interaction, Plymouth stirred up a genius idea to have us create five branded chalkboards where guests could fill in their perfect martini ingredients that included their favorite Gin – (obviously Plymouth!), their preferred vermouth, alcohol ratio, and garnish. These on-going Martini Master Classes are the garnish to Kasey Jones, Ink.’s long standing relationship with Plymouth Gin since we first worked together four years ago creating some playful illustrations that were featured in Vanity Fair and Pop Sugar. They’re straight up fun!

Here are some pics from one of Plymouth Gin’s Martini Master Classes in Miami last month:
VP190228 Plymouth Gin_52

VP190228 Plymouth Gin_130
PG 4
VP190228 Plymouth Gin_95
PG 2
VP190228 Plymouth Gin_286
pg 6
VP190228 Plymouth Gin_134
PG 3
VP190228 Plymouth Gin_169
PG 1
VP190228 Plymouth Gin_304
VP190228 Plymouth Gin_230
VP190228 Plymouth Gin_249
VP190228 Plymouth Gin_125
VP190228 Plymouth Gin_18

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