The Voice Season 15 Wrap Party

On January 22, 2019 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

The Voice 2018-22181

There’s nothing more refreshing to the CHALK SHOT Team during the holiday season than a themed event that is out of left field (you can only draw so many snowflakes before you go a little mad). This is just one of the many reasons why we love partnering with The Voice for their season wrap parties in December, which have included Day of the Dead and Mardi Gras themes. Season 15’s party was all about Alice in Wonderland. The amazing event crew at Avalon Hollywood turned their venue into an actual wonderland with scattered mirrors, tea cups, flying playing cards, DRINK ME bottles, Mad Hatter hats and much more. We followed suit with our CHALK SHOT backdrop design and props in order to bring the trippy vibe to life and provide memorable and instagramable photos for the cast and crew to share. While this season’s party is a wrap, we can hardly wait and imagine what next year has in store!

Below are some highlights from The Voice’s Season 15 Alice In Wonderland themed Wrap Party, and you can check them all out here.

The Voice 2018-22368
The Voice 2018-22407

The Voice 2018-22330
The Voice 2018-22357
The Voice 2018-22318
The Voice 2018-22427
The Voice 2018-22332
The Voice 2018-22278
The Voice 2018-22272

The Voice 2018-22230
The Voice 2018-22269

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