Dark Horse Wine Introduces Sparkling Brut & Brut Rosé

On September 21, 2018 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

Dark Horse ATL x Kasey Jones, Ink.3749 copy

Pop the bubbly because we’re celebrating the launch of Dark Horse Wines new Sparkling Brut and Brut Rosé! To introduce their sales teams to the new products launching, E & J Gallo (the leading provider of California wines throughout the world, and the maker of Dark Horse Wines), wanted to do something that would fall in line with Dark Horse’s motto “crush expectations”. So together, Kasey Jones, Ink. and Dark Horse Wines collaborated to develop a live art activation campaign that could be executed in specific markets throughout the country.

KJI came up with a POP art inspired design for an 8×8 chalk wall, that was then 90% pre-printed so the remaining art could be colored in by KJI artists on-site during each team’s sales presentation. When done, Dark Horse Wines sales members were invited to take chalk and write-in how they were going to “crush expectations” this coming year. The murals were then sent off to a top distributor in the region and also displayed at off premise retail stores to promote Dark Horse exposure. Houston and Atlanta were the first two regions to host live activations, but smaller regions like Modesto have received finished replicas that can be used as CHALK SHOT IN-A-BOX backdrops at trade shows and store tastings in the area.

Cheers to “crushing expectations”! Below are some highlight photos from the Dark Horse Sparkling launch tour.

Dark Horse x KJI - Double 5
dark horse x KJI_double 2
Dark Horse ATL x Kasey Jones, Ink.3741 copy
dark horse x KJI - Double 6
dark horse x kji - Double 7
dark horse x KJI_double 4

Dark Horse ATL x Kasey Jones, Ink.3752 copy

Dark Horse ATL x Kasey Jones, Ink.3751 copy
dark horse x kji - double 8

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