Janel Goes Long

On August 9, 2018 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-21005-X5
Janel Parrish is marrying Chris Long. Janel is an über talented actress, dancer and singer-songwriter, with an award-winning role on Pretty Little Liars, a stint on Dancing With The Stars (in which she came in third place), and a reprising role as Sandy in Toronto’s Grease the Musical.

They are definitely a badass couple, so I was honored when one of Janel’s bridesmaids reached out to CHALK SHOT™ for Janel’s tropical themed bridal shower. The party came at a perfect time for us as we just completed Tropical Leaves, a pre-designed backdrop option available for CHALK SHOT events and for CHALK SHOT IN-A-BOX purchases (more on that later). Janel and her guests had a blast in front of the backdrop that was personalized with her hashtag #janelgoeslong (see what they did there?), and the love between her and her fiancé shined bright as the couple posed for photos together at the end of day.

Below are some of Janel’s favorite pics from the shoot that we love as well. We wish nothing but the best of luck, love and happiness to this magical couple when they tie the knot later this year.

Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-21009-X5
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-20912-X5
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-20979-X5
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-21012-X5
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-20871-X5
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-20916-X5
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-20924-X5
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-20951-X5
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-20919-X5
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-20961-X4
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-20890-X5
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-20874-X5
Janel Parrish's Baby Shower-20893-X5
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