NIVEA Men Creme Press Wall

On March 2, 2016 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

Nivea Cover 2
, one of the world’s leading skin care companies for the last 125 years, flew me out to New York for the press launch of NIVEA Men Creme. NIVEA Men Creme is a multipurpose moisturizer that, as the name implies, is made specifically for men. It’s easy-to-transport, absorbs quickly without any greasy feeling, and can be used for face, body and hands. The creme is essentially NIVEA’s Swiss Army Knife for all men’s hair and body grooming needs.

For the event, NIVEA asked me to create a custom press wall that highlights all of the creme’s unique attributes and include imagery to support the brand’s messaging. What resulted was a 7.5’ x 7’ reusable backdrop that can use used at future NIVEA Men Creme press events throughout the country.

At the event, which took place at a speakeasy style lounge in Chinatown called Apotheke, I got a kick out of the 30 or so select editors pausing to read information off the press wall and then taking photos of themselves in front of it (several of which are now floating around on Instagram).

Here are some photos of the NIVEA Men Creme Press Wall I created, along with atmosphere shots from the event:
NIVEA_20160225-1756NIVEA_20160225-1691NIVEA_20160225-1884 NIVEA_20160225-1699NIVEA_20160225-1686NIVEA_20160225-1760 NIVEA_20160225-1665NIVEA_20160225-1839IMG_2497IMG_2498NIVEA_20160225-1854NIVEA_20160225-1900NIVEA_20160225-1896FullSizeRender copy

Thanks to Matthew Carasella Photography for the above pics!

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