LACOSTE X Kasey Jones, Ink. Gifting for Fall/Winter Fashion Preview

On October 28, 2015 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

I don’t know about you but LACOSTE is one of those heritage brands I grew up loving and admiring. Which is why I could not have been more excited to partner with them for their Fall/Winter 2015 Preview, designed by Felipe Oliveira Baptist. Baptist took inspiration from tennis, homage to the brand’s founder, tennis star Rene Lacoste. Resulting from drawing on this inspiration, the clothes were athletic, designs that wouldn’t seem out of place on the court.

This event was for west coast press and was attended by influencers, celebrity stylists, and regional publication editors. Talk about a crowd you definitely want to impress!

For the event I created custom designed LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink. bag plaques hand-lettered with the guest’s names. Attendees were gifted featured shoes from the upcoming line in a LACOSTE bag adorned with their customized plaque. To my delight, post event several of my favorite fashion bloggers shared pics of their KJI goodie.

Some highlights from the event are below:
LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.IMG_6938 LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.Lacoste copyLACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.Lacoste 5 copy LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.IMG_0460 LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.Lacoste x KJI copy LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.IMG_0708 LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.IMG_0711 LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.IMG_6794 LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.IMG_6852  LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.IMG_6888 LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.IMG_6875 LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.IMG_6911  LACOSTE x Kasey Jones, Ink.IMG_6832Lacoste Invite

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