Brian & Phil Say I Do

On October 14, 2014 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

Brian and Phil met at a bar in Hollywood. They courted each other in Hollywood, they fell in love in Hollywood, and so there was no doubt that when, on September 27th, they made it official by tying the knot, it had to happen in Hollywood. Given the importance of the city in their relationship, Brian and Phil wanted their CHALK SHOT board to include some of the iconic Hollywood sights they frequented throughout their years together.

Here are some highlights from Brian and Phil’s CHALK SHOT wedding shoot, as well as some close ups of their Hollywood landscape board:
brian and phil
Brian _ Paul Wedding-1733-XL
Brian _ Paul Wedding-1665-XL
Brian _ Paul Wedding-1744-XL
photo 3 (1)
photo 2
photo 4
photo 1

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