Kettle Brand Headquarters

On August 15, 2014 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

Kettle Brand Headquarters in San Francisco shares an office space with the rest of the Diamond Food empire, which includes Pop Secret, Emerald Premium Snacks and Diamond Culinary Nuts. Each of the brands has a section in the newly renovated office, where they’ve been tasked to showcase their product through art, installations, and decor. A friendly family competition, if you will. The chalk mural I designed for Kettle Brands at the Natural Food Expo West made such an impact, Kettle asked that I help them “up the ante” by creating something similar on their smack-in-the-middle 14 ft x 9 ft wall. Inspired by the original Expo design, the new mural includes Kettle’s updated slogan “We Love What We Do,” and also features their new product lines Kettle Kernels, Kettle Real Sliced Potatoes and Kettle Pop Corn. The Kettle Team is such an awesome group of people, and it was a pleasure spending four days collaborating to make their designated office area really stand out.

Here are a few pictures of the 14 ft x 9 ft wall mural I did at Kettle Brand’s Headquarters in San Francisco, along with some pictures of their fabulous team:

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